Health and Safety Signage

Signs are extremely important in health and safety and whilst a good behavioural safety strategy is needed to ensure they are read and complied with, having them is also important from a compliance perspective.

A health and safety sign is any sign that is used to convey information about the safety of a given area or item.

Some of the most recognisable examples include:

Hard hat area signage

Wet floor signage

Suspended loads signs

They are used to convey the danger of a certain situation or sometimes to provide a reminder for when workers need to wear the correct PPE. The different types of health and safety signs all have their different designs and colours which are used to help differentiate them from one another

1. Mandatory signs (Blue)

Mandatory health and Safety Signage signals the need for certain behaviours. It conveys information that you must comply with to be safe.
These signs must be blue and usually have a white symbol on a blue background. They are often used to notify those of the need to use PPE.


2. Fire safety signs (Red)

Fire safety signs provide emergency information on the escape route needed in the event of a fire.
These health and safety signs can also provide information on areas that may be susceptible to fires.
The law that requires that these health and safety signs are red.


3. Prohibition signs (Red)

Prohibition signs are used to signify the prohibition of a certain act or event. These health and safety signs are required to be red.
Prohibition signs show workers what they cannot do in a workplace and usually have a black safety symbol within a red crossed circle.


4. Emergency escape/first aid signs (Green)

Emergency escape and first aid signs are used to show information which indicates a safe escape route or the route to first aid facilities.
These health and safety signs are required to be green, and usually have a white symbol on a green background.


5. Warning signs (Yellow)

This Health and Safety Signage is used to show a specific danger that may be present within a workplace.
They can indicate a general hazard/danger and are sometimes known as hazard/caution signs.
These health and safety signs need to be yellow/amber and are usually characterised by a black symbol on a yellow background.

We offer health and safety sign colours, each thoughtfully designed with various colours to effectively convey crucial messages.
Whether you need hazard warnings, fire safety instructions, or directions to emergency exits, we’ve got you covered.

Your safety signs in Ireland are reliable and fully compliant with industry standards, ensuring you’re equipped with the best tools to keep
everyone informed and protected.


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Importance of Health and Safety Signage


Promotes Awareness:

Health and safety signage serves as a constant reminder to employees and visitors about potential hazards in the workplace.
This helps create a culture of safety and promotes awareness of potential risks.


Reduces Accidents and Injuries:

Clear and visible signage can help prevent accidents and injuries by providing important information about safety procedures, emergency exits, and potential dangers. This helps employees and visitors make informed decisions to stay safe.


Complies with Regulations:

Health and safety signage is often a legal requirement in many industries. By implementing proper signage, businesses can ensure they are in compliance with regulations and avoid potential fines or legal issues.


Overall, health and safety signage plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. It not only helps prevent accidents and injuries but also promotes a sense of responsibility and awareness among employees and visitors.

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