Vehicle Signage

You pay a lot to purchase, run and maintain your commercial vehicles – so why not get an extra return on that investment by using your cars, trucks, and Van Wrapping advertised for you every day?

The idea of using an existing asset is simple enough – but the entire process of determining what is best for your business and fleet in terms of design/messaging, budget, graphic coverage, and installation can seem daunting.

This is where the experts at Gorilla Graphics can provide the help you need.

Benefits of Vehicle Signage:


Mobile Advertising:

Vehicle signage turns your vehicle into a moving billboard, allowing you to reach a wider audience as you drive around town.


Brand Exposure:

With eye-catching designs and clear branding, vehicle signage helps increase brand awareness and exposure. It creates a lasting impression on potential customers.



Compared to other forms of advertising, vehicle signage is a cost-effective option. Once the initial investment is made, the signage can last for several years, providing continuous advertising at no additional cost.


Local Targeting:

Vehicle signage allows you to target specific local areas where your potential customers are located, ensuring that your message reaches the right audience.


Professional Image:

Well-designed vehicle signage gives your business a professional image, showing that you are serious about your brand and services.


These advantages make vehicle signage a valuable marketing tool for businesses looking to increase their visibility and reach a wider audience.

Vehicle Signage is an excellent way to market your business, especially for companies that have their own fleet of transport vehicles.
But the same can be applied to other vehicles as well to market a business or support a cause to a broader population. Gorilla Graphics offer a service that clients can take advantage of. We handle the design as well as the installation of the signage on the vehicle, that too at affordable prices.

Whether you have only one commercial vehicle or a fleet, our professionals are more than capable of handling your every requirement without any issue. Reach out to Gorilla Graphics for your Commercial Vehicle Signage requirement today!
For at Gorilla Graphics, we trive in providing customers with satisfactory solutions is of utmost importance.

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