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Sub Compact Skin

All of our Sub Compact skins are produced using high performance air release vinyl (bubble free). Laminated in a gloss finish for protection and easy cleaning. Our skins can be easily removed leaving no glue reside, no cleaning needed and no damage to you machine. Can be repositioned to get alignment just right.

We have a wide range of skins to choose from, but if you don’t see what you like we also offer a custom design service. Just tell us what you are looking for and let us design a whole new skin for you. A visual of your custom design will be send to you for approval before being produced.

Sub Compact Skin includes: machine body skin, front, back and faucet body

Peel skin section from backing paper
Align vinyl with machine, tack down and rub over with a dry cloth to release air
If re-positioning needed, simply peal back off and reapply.
Sit back and enjoy!

Find the ideal fit for your sub-compact krups in our Sub Skin. Lift your preparing experience with this smooth and solid frill that adds a bit of personalisation to your Sub Minimal.

With a simple application and a scope of up-to-date plans accessible, say something and safeguard your Sub Smaller in style with Sub Skin.

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